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And now for our HUUUUUUGE announcement!!!

Twin Masks Performing Arts Center

Press Release #1



(Twinsburg, OH) – Twin Masks Performing Arts Center (TMPAC), Twinsburg’s newest theatre company, announces it will debut its first season with a production of AVOW, by Bill C. Davis, (who also wrote MASS APPEAL).

The show will open in May, 2018, with auditions scheduled for March 4th and 5th, 2018. The production is directed by TMPAC founder and president, Claudia Lillibridge.

AVOW broaches the complex topics of love, commitment, spirituality, religious beliefs, and societal expectations in a thoughtful, human and compassionate manner. Each character is challenged to reconsider his and her respective beliefs in order to live a true authentic life.

TMPAC is committed to producing intimate, thought-provoking shows that engage, entertain and encourage audiences to consider different perspectives and points of view.

“We want to create a theatre that challenges conventional thinking, and at the same time, offers audiences a great evening of entertainment, “said Lillibridge. “The first show sets the tone for the type of shows we are planning for the theatre. We will announce the rest of our three-show season before the end of the year. At this time, the season runs from May – October, 2018.”

While auditions are open to actors from throughout Northeast Ohio, the theatre will be based in Twinsburg, OH. Lillibridge and the board are in the final phases of negotiating for a performance space and will make a formal announcement when plans are finalized.

For more information on TMPAC, visit, LIKE our Facebook page, or follow us on twitter:@twinmasksPAC.

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