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TMPAC Takes Twinsburg

Seeing Twin Masks come to life has been like magic. After opening almost six months ago the theatre is already working on its third production “After-Play” by Anne Meara. The theater’s inaugural season boasts a variety of genres ranging from a homosexual comedy to a shocking three man tragedy. The building where the theater now sits was originally a hair salon. Claudia Lillibridge, founder of TMPAC, had a vision to transform the abandoned space into a community theater. It was to be a “non-profit organization committed to producing intimate, thought provoking shows that engage, entertain and encourage audiences to consider different perspectives and points of view.” With help from a generous collection of volunteers and donors: the project began.

Over time, the seemingly millions of tasks needed to open a theater somehow got done. The walls, the ceiling, and the floor were painted. The ticketing site was set up. The abundance of licensing was received, bathrooms established, walls torn down and put back up, along with plumbing, lighting, and a finishing touch of classic red curtains in the windows. Although a tedious process, there were many exhilarating moments. The first big achievement was the completion of the stage. The finished stage brought with it lots of smiles and excitement (from Claudia in particular) and also a representation of the finish line. The red plush seats soon arrived further boosting moral and on Saturday mornings we painted the theater while jamming out to old tunes. In 6 months a former hair salon was transformed into a performing arts center.

In addition to its upcoming show, “After-Play”, opening at the start of October, TMPAC has already released its second season. Tony Award winning “God of Carnage” opens the 2019 season, followed by “The Realistic Joneses,” then the theater’s first musical “First Date” will grace the stage, and the existentialist French play “No Exit” will close out the season.

To keep the theatre running for many seasons to come we are seeking funds. If you would like to contribute or receive more information about us check us out at or on our facebook page. With a little hard work and determination dreams can come true :)

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