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Passion Drives Excellence - Looking for Directors

Twinmasks Performing Arts Center (TMPAC) believes passion drives excellence, and we’re looking for directors who have a passion for a particular show – or shows – they’ve always wanted to direct.

If you are interested in directing a production – or productions – for our 2019 season, please submit the name of 1-3 plays that interest you. Submissions should include the name of the play, the name of the playwright, and whenever possible, the name of the company that holds the rights.

Please include a copy of your directing resume, and ensure the resume has contact information as well.

TMPAC will review the submissions, read the scripts, and announce the new season by early May. Directors will be contacted for an interview prior to that date.

IMPORTANT: Please familiarize yourself with the mission and purpose of TMPAC and the type of shows we choose to produce. Our theatre is best suited for shows requiring minimal sets and a cast size of 2-10 individuals. At this time, we are not accepting submissions for large scale musicals.

Send the requested information to: by February 14, 2018.

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